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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ad-din Women's Medical College

Ad-din Women's Medical College 
Addin Women Medical College
2 Boro Moghbazar, Dhaka-1217
Establish Year: 2008

Contact Information:
Phone: 02-9362923, 53391-3
Fax: 02-8317306

Email: info@ad-din.org
Web: AD-din womens medical college
Prof. Abu Ahme Ashraf Ali

Ad-din, a non-profit private voluntary organization operates  in Bangladesh since 1985. Ad-din aims to improve the health, educational, social and financial status of underprivileged people, particularly of women and children, in the areas in which it work.Ad-din implements affordable cost but high quality hospital and community based health services including nutritional rehabilitation, HIV/AIDS and STI prevention, and eye care services; rural women’s development and credit; orphan rehabilitation; water and sanitation; education; institution-based income generation; emergency rehabilitation; training; research and publications. Ad-din’s working areas include Khulna and Barisal division and Dhaka city.

Evolution of Ad-din’s projects and services

In 1985 Ad-din Hospital Jessore started operating as only an out patient center with two doctors. In 1990 the community based maternal and child health project, and women’s development and micro-credit program were introduced. The inpatient unit was added to the Ad-din Hospital Jessore in 1991. In 1995 a nurses training center opened adjacent to the Ad-din Hospital Jessore. In 1997 Ad-din Hospital Dhaka became operational. In 1999 Ad-din Hospital Kushtia was initiated. In 2001 Ad-din started implementing STI prevention project; in 2003 Mobile Eye Care project and in 2004 Community Based Rehabilitation program for irreversibly blind people. In 2004 new outpatient building was inaugurated in Ad-din Hospital Dhaka. In 2004, 73 beds and 4 operating theatres and a new outpatient unit were added to Ad-din Hospital Kushtia. From 2004, Ad-din, as a member of the HASAB Consortium started implementing the GFATM supported HIV/ AIDS Prevention programme for youth.

Water Aid Bangladesh (WAB) assisted Ad-din in initiating a Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene project at Magura Municipality from April 2007.
Hospital based maternal and child health care
The 300-beded Ad-din Hospital Dhaka offers gynae/obstetrics, paediatrics, medicine, psychiatry, surgery, eye, dental and ENT services; 120-beded Ad-din Hospital Jessore offers gynae/obstetrics, paediatrics, and eye services and 50-beded Ad-din Hospital Kushtia offers gynae/obstetrics and paediatrics services  In addition, diagnostic facilities are available in all Ad-din hospitals, including endoscopy and ECG being available at Ad-din Hospital Dhaka. These facilities are open to both women and children.
             Special care is taken of malnourished children and those with diarrhoea. The nutritional rehabilitation unit in Dhaka and Jessore were developed in response to the high proportions of malnourishment among children. Specialized treatment is given to the malnourished children following a standard protocol. A rigorous follow up program has been constructed with the same purpose. There is no charge for the treatment. If required, food is provided free of cost for the accompanying guardian. The average stay is 15-20 days in length. Moreover, there are separate diarrhoea wards in all of Ad-din hospitals.
              A shuttle bus service operates in Jessore to bring in patients from outlying regions, every week. Since its introduction in April 2004, an average of 475 people has used the bus each month.
            Charges for hospital services are very nominal, for instance, registration fee is Taka 5, consultation fee Taka 15, inpatient admission fee Taka 200, charges for normal delivery Taka 300, and charges for caesarean section including medication is Taka 5,200. There is no additional charge for a stay in one of the general wards after the initial admission charge.
            A total of 30 medical officers, 10 paediatricians, 5 public health specialists, 9 gynae and obstetric specialists, 1 consultant of internal medicine, 1 cardiologist, 3 ophthalmologists, 3 anaesthetists, 1 paediatric surgeon, 1 general surgeon, 1 ENT specialists, 1 skin-VD specialist, 1 nutritionist, 1 radiology specialist, 1 microbiologist, 1 biochemist, 6 sonologists, 2 dentists, and 268 nurses are working for Ad-din Hospitals.

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