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University of Science and Technology Chittagong (USTC)

University of Science and Technology Chittagong (USTC)

Foy's Lake, Chittagong - 4202

Establish Year: 2001
Number of Students

Male Students: 1643

Female Students: 1132

Total Students: 2775
Hall/Hostel/Dormitory Facility

Male Hostel Facility: 255

Female Hostel Facility: 310
Number of Teachers

Full Time Teachers: 216

Part Time Teachers: 98

Total Teachers: 314

* This University has 16 PhD Holder Teachers.
Permanent Address : N/A
Main Campus Address : Foy’s Lake, Khulshi, Chittagong-4202
In-Campus Address : N/A
Out-Campus Address : N/A
Phone : 659070-71(109)
Fax : 031-659545
Email : ustcbd@bangla.net And ustc.ctg@gmail.com, contact@ustc.edu.bd
Website : www.ustc.edu.bd
VC's Name : National Prof. (Dr.) Nurul Islam
VC's Address : Gulmeher, 63 Central Road, Dhaka-1205
VC's Email : ustcbd@bangla.net, ustc.ctg@gmail.com, contact@ustc.edu.bd
Registrar's Name : Md. Farid Uddin Ahmed
Registrar's Address : Foy’s Lake, Khulshi, Chittagong-4202
Registrar's Email : ustc.ctg@gmail.com
Treasurer’s Name : Md. Ashabuddin
Treasurer’s Address : Md. Ashabuddin
Treasurer’s Email : ustc.ctg@gmail.com
Faculties : Medical Science

Basic Medical & Pharmaceutical Science

Business Administration

Science Engineering and Technology

Social Science & Humanities

Admission Circular
Currently no admission circular available at Bachelor level.
Circular of Masters Programs
Currently no admission circular available at PhD/MPhil level.
Bachelor Programs
UGC approved and currently offered 10 Subjects
Masters Programs
UGC approved and currently offered 8 Subjects
About USTC :
Located at the picturesque site near Foy’s Lake, USTC has opened up a new horizon for the quality medical, pharmaceutical, business and modern technology education in the country. The primary objectives of establishing USTC are to improve the quality and standard of education in science and technology with special emphasis on medical, pharmaceutical, engineering and social sciences. It also aims at developing human resources at home and in the developing countries with special emphasis on South Asia.

The Beginning
Institute of Applied Health Sciences (IAHS) had a modest beginning in 13 May 1989 with 42 students. It continued to function as an Institute under University of Chittagong.

University of Science and Technology Chittagong (USTC) was established as a Private University soon after Private University Act 1992 came into force when IAHS became its constituent body under Faculty of Medicine.

Janasheba Foundation was its sponsoring organization and National Professor Dr Nurul Islam was appointed President of USTC by Hon’ble Chancellor of the Universities and President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Since then USTC started functioning with two Faculties, namely, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Basic Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

MBBS and B Pharm (Hons) Programmes are offered by these two Faculties. These two Faculties have been doing more than expectation and it is a matter of pride that USTC has a large number of foreign students today.

USTC has opened up a new horizon for the business community of the country by launching a new Faculty entitled ‘Faculty of Business Administration’ which is indeed another bold step by USTC in fulfilling its mission of expansion of higher education through private initiative.

After a short period USTC set going two new Departments namely Department of Computer Science & Engineering under newly formed Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology and Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology under Faculty of Basic Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. They have been functioning with encouraging response from the students.

USTC also opened Department of English Language and Literature under Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences.

Institute of Applied Health Sciences (IAHS) was accorded recognition by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council on 12 July 1990 and Chittagong University allowed the students to be enrolled and appear in the first professional examination in 1991.

Visit by several dignitaries from home and abroad enhanced the reputation of the organization.

Source of Fund
Over and above the donations received from some philanthropists and Anwara-Nur Welfare Trust, obligatory contributions by the guardians for development activities in addition to admission fee have been the financial resources of the institution so far.

Janasheba Foundation
In order to safeguard the interest and protect the project, the need for establishing a Trust (Foundation) was keenly felt. Janasheba Foundation was thus formed and registered with the Societies Act XXI of 1860 in 1991 with National Professor (Dr) Nurul Islam as its Founder Chairman. Activities of the Foundation include Community Health, Social Welfare and Technical Education. USTC is thus a logical outcome of this programme.

Permission & Charter
When the Ministry of Education initiated a move for the establishment of Private Universities through legislation, Professor Islam met the Hon’able Minister for Education and submitted a Project Proposal on 18 January 1992 for the establishment of a Technical University. The Minister recorded the following observations in the body of the proposal :

Additional Secretary
The Project is approved of in principle subject to passing of Ordinance/Act for establishment of Private Universities. Please discuss and process for an Act for the establishment of Private




Jamiruddin Sircar


Minister of Education, Govt. of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh’

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh took a historic decision to establish Private Universities in the country on 24 March 1992. The Private University Bill was passed by the Parliament on 5 August 1991. It lays down certain criteria for the establishment of such a University. When the Hon’ble President, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, gave his assent to the bill on 9 August 1992, USTC proposal could easily be submitted in proper form as it fulfilled the criteria laid down for establishing a University in the private sector viz i. land, ii. a reserve fund of BDT one crore and iii. a minimum of two Faculties.

The Ministry of Education also instructed Professor Islam to submit a fresh proposal in a letter addressed to him on 27 October 1992 in continuation of his earlier submission referred to above. Having fulfilled the criteria the Government accorded approval for the establishment of USTC by the following notification:

Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Ministry of Education

Chancellor’s Office
No SHA 15/10-M/8/92/630- Education Date: 9-11-1992
Sub: Regarding approval and charter for USTC (Private)
On the basis of the application submitted on 01-11-1992 in the prescribed form the Government hereby grants approval and charter under Private Universities Act-1992 clauses no. 6(1) for establishment and running of University of Science & Technology Chittagong. The condition of this approval is that the University authorities must be under obligation to conform strictly to the provisious of Private Universities Act 1992.

National Professor Dr Nurul Islam


Janasheba Complex

Foy’s Lake, Chittagong
Sd/- (Mirza Fazlul Karim)

Senior Assistant Secretary

USTC thus became the first Technical University in the private sector and the first to be established outside the capital having its own campus. National Professor (Dr) N Islam was appointed as President, USTC by the following notification:

Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Chancellor’s Secretariat, Ministry of Education
No. Sha : 15(1) 10M-8/92/04 Education Date: 12.5.1993A.D.
Subject: Regarding appointment of National Professor Dr Nurul Islam as President of the University of Science and Technology Chittagong (Private)
The Hon’able President/Chancellor is pleased to hereby appoint under the provisions of section 13 of the Private University Act 1992 National Professor Dr Nurul Islam, Chairman of Janasheba Foundation, as President of the University of Science and Technology Chittagong Private). He as President shall enjoy such financial benefits and other privileges as may be determined by the Board of Governors.

This order shall be effective from the date of his joining.

By order of the Hon’ble President/Chancellor
National Professor (Dr) Nurul Islam

Founder Chairman, Board of Trustees

Janasheba Foundation

63 Central Road, Dhaka –1205.

Golam Faruk Khan

Assistant Secretary

Subsequently he was appointed as Founder Vice Chancellor of the USTC vide Notification no Sha: 14110M-819215 dated 18.01.2000.

Main Objects of USTC
  1. To improve the quality and standard of education in Science and Technology with special emphasis on Medical, Pharmaceutical and Social Sciences
  2. Help development of manpower resources at home and in the developing countries with special emphasis on the South and South-East Asia region and the Middle East
  3. Implementation of CBME for the development of social responsibility of the trainees through the understanding of the local problems, needs, requirements thus reducing the existing gap between theory and practice. Besides, this will improve primary health care through participation of teachers and students.
  4. To counter the acute shortage of teachers in Basic Medical Sciences by introducing Non-Medical BSc (Hons) and MSc Courses in these subjects.
  5. To broaden facilities for the study of Pharmaceutical Sciences, a speciality with a gap between the need and the resources
  6. To upgrade the quality of teaching Social Sciences, Business Management and Agriculture with improved curriculum.
No Discrimination
USTC is open to all students irrespective of nationality, cast, creed and sex. At least five percent

students shall be offered training facilities free of charge. The selection is made purely on the

basis of merit.
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