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Saturday, January 22, 2011

America Bangladesh University (ABU)

America Bangladesh University (ABU)
Permanent Campus : Dawlotpur, Nawabgonj, Dhaka.
Trustee Board Office 14/A, Meherba Plaza 33 Topkhana Road, Dhaka-1000
Establish Year: 1997
WebSite: America Bangladesh University 
Number of Students

Male Students: 800

Female Students: 200

Total Students: 1000
Hall/Hostel/Dormitory Facility

Male Hostel Facility: 0

Female Hostel Facility: 0
Number of Teachers

Full Time Teachers: 40

Part Time Teachers: 55

Total Teachers: 95

* This University has 21 PhD Holder Teachers.
America Bangladesh University (ABU) Offer for
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of English
  • Master of English (2Yr)
  • Bachelor of Law (LLB)
  • Bachelor of Law (2 Yr)
  • Bachelor of Arts and Design
  • Bachelor of Social Science
  • Master of Social Science
Admission Circular
Currently no admission circular available for America Bangladesh University.
Bachelor Programs
UGC approved and currently offered 10 Subjects
Masters Programs
UGC approved and currently offered 2 Subjects

About America Bangladesh University (ABU)

Our Philosophy
America Bangladesh University is committed to transferring the knowledge of past generations to succeeding generations for their mental, moral, and cultural growth. Its dedication to human achievement-academic, personal, and vocational-predicates awakening and strengthening the intellect, character, and practical abilities of all students. America Bangladesh University resolves to from independent thinkers and doers who can provide service to their community and their nation in a constantly changing world.

All students, regardless of their backgrounds, should be brought under the influence of imaginative, competent instructors who provide a survey of knowledge and who open channels of interest and occupation, in order to demonstrate alternate possibilities for achievement. Such a college stimulates, energizes, and matures the nation’s human resources.

Believing in the worth of the individual, America Bangladesh University promotes shared commitment; hence, all students will be given responsibility for their own growth. As the university believes that post-secondary education is now essential for most citizen’s so the university accepts the responsibility of providing it according to highest standards. The board of trustee, administrators, faculty, and staff are committed to excellence in facilities, curricula, and methods to serve students representing a wide range of ages, interests, and needs.

The university welcomes students from all cultural, educational, and socio-economic backgrounds. America Bangladesh University pledges itself to excellence in the widest diversity of instruction of students from its community.

What Could be the Learning Outcomes
America Bangladesh University is committed to the ideal of preparing students to.

a) Communicate effectively in academic, occupational, and social contexts.

b) Comprehend and apply basic theories and methods of science, mathematics, and technology.

c) Understand human motivation, behaviour, and interaction in order to enrich their lives and enhance their citizenship.

d) Recognize and appreciate their civilization’s cultural, artistic, and ethical foundations and traditions.

e) Possess academic skills to pursue a baccalaureate degree successfully and/or job skills to enter their chosen careers.

Our Objective and Purpose
The purpose of university education is to contribute to the intellectual development of the individual, to promote personal enrichment and growth opportunities, and offer preparation for careers. America Bangladesh University, as a privately supported university, seeks to provide an excellent teaching/ learning environment in meeting the educational needs of the citizens.

As an institution dedicated to the intellectual development of the individual, America Bangladesh University will:

a) provide an environment conducive to learning and teaching.

b) ensure that academic freedom is both encouraged and protected.

c) maintain high standards of teaching and scholarship.

d) establish high academic standards consistent with the role of a comprehensive public university and college.

e) set and enforce appropriate and consistent standards of admission.

As a university devoted to promoting personal enrichment and growth opportunities, America Bangladesh University will:

a) serve as both a community resource and model for personal growth in academic, technical/vocational and continuing education areas.

b) establish by model and precept a dedication to human development by encouraging both professional and personal growth by all college personal.

c) serve as a cultural resource for the community.

d) develop student leadership and interaction skills.

As an institution offering preparation for careers, America Bangladesh University will:

a) provide comprehensive academic parallel programs for transfer to post graduate institutions.

b) establish degree programs consistent with community business needs.

c) conduct ongoing research in the community to determine occupational needs in a changing economic climate.

As an institution-serving student from a diversity of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, America Bangladesh University will:

a) assess basic academic abilities of entering student.

b) provide appropriate opportunities in development of academic skills.

c) arrange financial aid whenever appropriate and available.

d) provide access to day-care facilities.

Transfer Credit
Subject to the conditions specified below, America Bangladesh University (AMBAN) guarantees to its students the transfer of credit to international universities which participate in the university’s Guarantee of Transfer Credit program when coursework at America Bangladesh University (AMBAN) is completed in a accordance with an approved Transfer Plan, properly executed.

Guarantee of Entry Level Job Skills
Subject to the special conditions listed below, America Bangladesh University (AMBAN) guarantees that students earning the degree will have the job skills necessary for entry level employment in the field for which they have trained. If the employer provides sufficient evidence that the student lacks these skills after completing one of these programs, the college will provide additional skill training tuition free.

Adult and Continuing Education
These programs offer day or evening organized educational experiences and services for credit or non-credit, specifically designed for adult citizens who desire to improve their occupational, professional, cultural or social learning beyond their present level of education. The activities usually associated with these programs are short courses, seminars, workshops, institutes and conferences. Customized classes are also available to local businesses and industries.

Student Services and Individual Development
Student services for enrichment and satisfaction in an educational environment include: recreational sports, child care center, grants, loans and scholarships, job placement, veteran information, student government, bookstore, library and counseling and testing services.

America Bangladesh University (AMBAN) is accredited by the University Grants Commission and approved by the government of Bangladesh. In addition to that America Bangladesh University has collaboration agreement with University of Houston Clear Lake, Texas, USA. America Bangladesh University is recognized by different US, Canadian, UK, Australian, Ireland and many more universities of the developed countries. America Bangladesh University students are completing degree under 2+2 transfer program since 1997. America Bangladesh University is the first American university in Bangladesh providing US standard quality education in Bangladesh.

Advantages Offered by America Bangladesh University
America Bangladesh University (AMBAN) provides a higher education at a low cost. Financial assistance is available in the form of scholarships, grants and loans. Part-time jobs are available on campus. Various types of university programs are available at America Bangladesh University (AMBAN). Academic course leading toward a degree from a senior college or university are offered. Technical courses lead to a certificate or degree and provide job-entry skills. Evening school classes are available for adults who are employed during the day. Weekend classes are available for students who travel or have scheduling difficulties. Students are encouraged to participate in activities related to such areas as religion, music, literature, speech, debate, journalism, civic and social affairs, academic programs, and sports. The evening school at America Bangladesh University (AMBAN) offers course Saturday through Thursday evenings at each of the campuses. Weekend classes are another option offered for student convenience.

Continuing Education
America Bangladesh University (AMBAN), through the Office of Continuing Education, offers courses, seminars, workshops, institutes, and less than a semester in length. For these educational experiences, completion certificates or CEUs may be awarded. One Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is ten (10) contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction and qualified instruction.

Business Assistance Center
The Business Assistance Centre is a full-service business development program that provides management and technical assistance to existing and start-up business as well as leadership and assistance toward economic development efforts within. A small business counsellor is a available to help the owner develop a business plan or a feasibility study. Monthly seminars, presented by professionals, are designed to provide the small business owner with pertinent information to better operate their business.

America Bangladesh University offers scholarships to students who have achieved outstanding success in various disciplines (e.g. academic, athletic, technical, etc.). The university offers scholarship for the poor but meritorious among the five percent of the enrolled students. Civic clubs, individuals and organizations also award scholarships to assist America Bangladesh University students. For additional information please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Equal opportunity statement
It is the policy of the America Bangladesh University not to discriminate on the basis of race , color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability. semester and Fall semester.

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