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Saturday, July 17, 2010

City University

City University
Bulu Ocean Tower 40, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka-1213
Establish Year:2002

Number of Students
Male Students: 1839
Female Students: 718
Total Students: 2557
Hall/Hostel/Dormitory Facility
Male Hostel Facility: 40
Female Hostel Facility: 0
Number of Teachers
Full Time Teachers: 30
Part Time Teachers: 10
Total Teachers: 40
* This University has 8 PhD Holder Teachers.
Permanent Address : N/A
Main Campus Address : Bulu Ocean Tower, 40, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka-1213.
In-Campus Address : N/A
Out-Campus Address : N/A
Phone : 9893983,9861543
Fax : 8859597
Website : cityuniversity.edu.bd
VC's Name : Dr. N R M Borhan Uddin
VC's Address : City University
Registrar's Name : A.K.M. Emdadul Haq Mia
Registrar's Address : City University
Treasurer’s Name : Mr. Ahasanul Islam
Treasurer’s Address : Mr. Ahasanul Islam
Faculties : Science

Business Administration

Arts & Social Science

About City University

It was in Mid-autumn 2002 that City University started with fifteen students, two departments, meager resource, and a group of dedicated and dynamic teachers. Seven years since 2002, we have now Eighteen Hundred brilliant students, four computer laboratories, one digital laboratory, physics and chemistry laboratories, an extensive textile laboratory, five booming departments (with five other departments in the process of being organized), well-trained teachers, a spirited team of support staff, and a dedicated management group.
What started as an experimental project has now been transformed into a prestigious educational institute with a wide range of contacts, both local and global.
Let's take a look at the way we traversed over the years
City University started with three floors of the Bulu Ocean Tower in year 2002, 1 st of October. We started with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the School of Business , offering Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering (BCS&E), and Master and Bachelor of Business Administration (MBA and BBA) respectively. Later, the Department of English, and the Department of Textiles Engineering were added upon approval by the Universities Grants Commission. At present, all departments are providing courses in both the undergraduate and graduate levels. As of date, the Departments of Law, Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Economics, Development Studies, and Telecommunications Engineering are in the final stages of approval by the Universities Grants Commission.
City University is serving the interest of the students and the teachers with its well-equipped laboratories, extremely rich libraries, IT-transcription centers (for part-time, on-campus jobs; especially in financial transcription), an upscale cafe, spacious auditoria with surround illumination and sound systems, students' hostel near Baridhara, and loaded indoor games facilities, complete with billiard and other modern amenities. City University offers scholarships from the Alhaj Mockbul Hossain Foundation for meritorieous students as well.
It is not only the physical infrastructure that differentiates City University with the rest of the lot in Dhaka . Rather, it is the cultural and research content that determines the superiority in effort and initiative on the part of the management to compose a “Culture of Excellence” in the campus of City University. is culturally intense. Each and every single festival and day is observed with due splendor and color. Students are regularly taking part in a host of national and international debates, programming contests, and research workshops. City University proudly hosts four vibrant clubs: City University Debating Club, City University Cultural Club, City University Sports Club, and City University Magazine Club. the workmanship of our students can not be undermined in any way – especially when this very website is developed for all practical purposes by two of our students: Mr. Mohammed Tariqul Islam from the senior group, and Mr. Abdullah Al Noman from the junior group.
Behind all the stories of success is a well-coordinated group of dedicated individuals-who have devoted their efforts for the cause of enlightenment the City University Board of Governors. The City University management team consists of Treasurer Mr. Ahsanul Islam, Vice Chancellor Dr. NRM Borhan Uddin and Others.
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